Poison GHOST - Deep house, tech house, and techno.

Poison Ghost is a DJ and producer focused on deep house and tech house with moody melodies and playful twists. A DJ who has been behind the decks everywhere from Detroit to Tokyo, he first found his love of spinning with classic funk, electro, and disco tracks for b-boys in the US midwest. After moving to California, he explored the techno and house scenes and fell in love. With years of throwing parties for house heads and breakdancers under his belt, he began producing in his studio in Tokyo.

His DJ philosophy is to always maintain the groove and never leave the party hanging. Poison Ghost will consistently challenge the audience with a combination of classics and new music, as well as reaching for standout tracks branching from the cores of tech house, techno and deep house.

Currently Poison Ghost is working on a series of singles inspired by the experience of living in Tokyo, one of the most techno cities on the planet.

Poison Ghost was created due to the unnatural pollution near Japan's shores. Compiled of slime and sediment, the sea became sentient and wrecks havoc in the city. A mindless monster who trashes anything it sees. It is merely continuing its natural instinct to recycle and reuse its surroundings.